Episode 049 – FATE: The Beaten Generation, Part 5

Our team of intrepid occult investigators solve all the problems before them with the absolute minimum of casualties and complications.

This is the fifth part (the conclusion!) of our sequel game to The Headmaster Ritual, our game of FATE Accelerated.

Sponsor: Whaling City Web

Andrew – Jenny Haversham (Andrew’s Twitter)

Chris – Rudy Clay (Chris’s Twitter)

Gino – Martin Rothchild (Gino’s Twitter)

Matt – Gamemaster (Matt’s Twitter)

The spotify playlist that frames the entire episode is (we reference it throughout the episode)

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Gino does title card illustrations for our site. If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at

the handsome family

andy skip robinson

Avec Sans

sarah dickensen

You can leave us a voicemail at (508) 817-3408 or send us an email to [email protected].

Andrew and I have another podcast, a monthly show called the podcast, which is an exciting look at horror movies from before 1979. In the most recent episode, we covered Onibaba.

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