Episode 046 – FATE: The Beaten Generation, Part 2

Jenny, Rudy, and Martin (and Ithaca) attend a music festival on Summerisle, meet some old friends, and shoot a bear.

This is the second part of our sequel to The Headmaster Ritual, our game of FATE Accelerated.

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Andrew – Jenny Haversham (Andrew’s Twitter)

Chris – Rudy Clay (Chris’s Twitter)

Gino – Martin Rothchild (Gino’s Twitter)

Matt – Gamemaster(Matt’s Twitter)

The spotify playlist that frames the entire episode is (we reference it throughout the episode)

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Gino does title card illustrations for our site. If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at pizzapranks.com.

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Andrew and I have another podcast, a monthly show called the GoldenAgeHorror.com podcast, which is an exciting look at horror movies from before 1979. In the most recent episode, we covered Onibaba.

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