Episode 025 – The Prince of Providence, Part 5 (FATE/Vampire)

Jake: First Blood

Thanks so much for listening to episode 25 of our podcast!

Andrew – Harvey Littlefield (Andrew’s Twitter)
Chris – Jake (Chris’s Twitter)
Gino – Ronnie Briggs (Gino’s Twitter)
Matt – The Gamemaster (Matt’s Twitter)

This is a game called the Prince of Providence, a game set in the world of organized crime in New England circa the late 1970’s.

The first part of the series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) was played with FATE Accelerated. The rest of the series will be played with Vampire the Requiem.

I’m making these episodes a little shorter in an effort to release episodes more often and improve the production quality.

Gino does title card illustrations for our site. If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at and a patreon for his art at– the link will be in the show notes.

Music from the show:

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Andrew and I have another podcast, a monthly show called the podcast, which is an exciting look at horror movies from before 1979. In the most recent episode, we convered Kuroneko. We are neck deep in our “foreign horror” series right now. Eyes Without a Face coming very soon.

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There are probably 3 or 4 more parts to the Prince of Providence and then after that we have audio recorded for City of Mist and Friendship is Magic.

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