Episode 020 – Shooting the Moon: Barnabas Collins Edition (Part 2)

Sagged witch picnic. The Romance Concludes.

This episode, Steven, Chris, and I play Shooting the Moon, part of the Romance Trilogy by Emily Care Boss/Black and Green Games.

Please check out the previous episode if you haven’t listened to this yet.


  • Blizznacht, the apple bottomed vampiric beloved – Matt
  • Adelaide, mysterious mistress of the mystic arts – chris
  • Victoria Von Kline, vamper hunting leather lady – steven

The finished product ended up being 1/2 Dark Shadows, 1/2 What We Do in the Shadows, 1/2 incredibly sexy and erotic podcast.

Gino did the title card illustration.

If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at pizzapranks.com and a Patreon for his art.

Andrew makes games at pizzapranks.itch.io

I know I mention this every episode but I am still working on our Lamentations of the Flame Princess series.

Closing Music:


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