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Episode 019 – Shooting the Moon: Barnabas Collins Edition (Part 1)

Truly a long shot.

This episode, Steven, Chris, and I play Shooting the Moon, part of the Romance Trilogy by Emily Care Boss/Black and Green Games.

Shooting the Moon has a cooperative game setup where we all take turns adding attributes to the beloved and the two suitors. The first half of this recording is us moving through this process quickly.

We don’t explain what we are doing very well but if you aren’t familiar with the game, know that we are first describing the beloved Blizznacht, then reducing those traits to simple synonyms and antonyms, then assigned those simplified traits out to the suitors.

We usually don’t include these parts of games on the recordings but I felt like it might be a bit more important. Let me know what you thought of that.

  • Blizznacht, the apple bottomed vampiric beloved – Matt
  • Adelaide, mysterious mistress of the mystic arts – chris
  • Victoria Von Kline, vamper hunting leather lady – steven

The finished product ended up being 1/2 Dark Shadows, 1/2 What We Do in the Shadows, 1/2 incredibly sexy and erotic podcast.

Steven’s upstairs neighbors are vigorously testing their mattress throughout. I tried my best to remove the movement of springs from the audio, but I’m certain I couldn’t have entirely removed it.

Both Steven and Chris were also having some crackling mic issues. So sorry about that as well. I am trying to approach these as little audio plays and I know that the production quality is not there yet, but I really want it to be, someday.

Gino did the title card illustration.

If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at and a Patreon for his art.

Andrew makes games at

I know I mention this every episode but I am still working on our Lamentations of the Flame Princess series.

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Closing Music:


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