Episode 002 – FATE: The Headmaster Ritual


The Backseat is for Being Quiet – our occult detectives investigate Liliana Bunt, designer and occult advisor for Barrymore and the Misfortunes, and get more than they bargained for at the train station.

This episode saw the introduction of Steven Riley as Alphonse Callahan. Steven was a long time fixture of our gaming group and you may here his voice again in the future.

I apologize – in episode 1, I named the Liliana Bunt character “Mina Westernra” but I must have decided that name was foolish for episode 2. I also apologize – my voice got a little garbled in this episode but I think you can still figure out what’s going on. You can find me on twitter with any questions. After this seven part series, we recorded all our audio separately and you will definitely notice the difference.

Cast of Characters

Game Master – Matt Bevilacqua

Rudy Clay – Chris Baillie

Jenny Haversham – Andrew Baillie

Martin Rothschild – Gino Vasconcelos

Alphonse Callahan – Steven Riley

If you’re interested in the creation of this series, please check out part 1 of our GM’s notes.

Coming up next week, we have part 3 of the Headmaster Ritual, where plot defining character One Legged Pete is introduced and our investigators learn a little more about The Outer Church

Music in this Episode

Timbral – The Speed of Time