Episode 001.5 – FATE: The Headmaster Ritual Character Intros

Our occult detectives are interviewed by police about their compatriots.

Part 1.5: Character intros

I assumed since there are multiple references to their original meeting (which we didn’t record) it might benefit the listener to have a brief recounting of the time Rudy, Jenny, and Martin met and Jenny threw sand in Martin’s eyes.

Cast of Characters

bissette_constantine_horizontalRudy Clay – Chris Baillie

Jenny Haversham – Andrew Baillie

Martin Rothschild – Gino Vasconcelos

If you’re interested in the creation of this series, please check out part 1 of our GM’s notes.

Coming up on Thursday, we have part 2 of the Headmaster Ritual, as our characters investigate the priestess/album art designer of the Misfortunes and begin to see why exactly Barrymore is missing.

Music in this Episode



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