Episode 039 – A Home to Rest Your Head, Episode 2 (OVA)

this is the last night of the fair
and the grease in the hair
of a speedway operator
is all a tremulous heart requires

(we’re making anime, I guess)

Episode 2 – Not Even a Spider Ring

This is the second part of our new ongoing game series using the OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game rules set.

Char is definitely one of, if not the, favorite RPG character of mine that I’ve ever played. We have played many sessions of A Home to Rest Your Head over the past few months and we will be releasing them in episodic fashion, alternating between other game series and one shots that we play in the mean time.

Andrew – Gamemaster (Andrew’s Twitter)

Chris – Elena Vorderstrasse (Chris’s Twitter)

Gino – Chandler Blossom (Gino’s Twitter)

Matt – Char Blavsker (Matt’s Twitter)

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Gino does title card illustrations for our site. If you dig his art, he also has a long running webcomic up at

Music this week is Jeypestylerz.

You can leave us a voicemail at (508) 817-3408.

Andrew and I have another podcast, a monthly show called the podcast, which is an exciting look at horror movies from before 1979. In the most recent episode, we covered Eyes without a Face

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Thanks VERY much for listening and I’ll talk to you next week.






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