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About the Podcast

We record the ActualPlay.Network podcast separately, each participant recording their own audio track. We use Skype and Roll20 and record and edit with Audacity.

We coordinate with a Facebook group and use Dropbox and Google Drive to share files.

Andrew records on a Blue Yeti. Matt and Chris record on a Blue Snowball. Gino records on a CAD GXL2200 (he’s fancy).

The individual episodes have more information about the process of each particular game. The show creator bios have more information about our interests and practices.

About the Site

ActualPlay.Network was designed by Matt. He designs (mostly WordPress) websites through Twilit Grotto LLC. The site is a custom WordPress theme. The code, which is constantly under construction, is open source and available on Github. The website is hosted on Dreamhost. Please find Matt on twitter with any questions about the site.