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  • GM Notes: The Beaten Generation

    I’ve run long campaigns before but I’ve never really returned to characters in the way we did for this game. Everyone, myself and the players included, loved the characters and the setting of the Headmaster Ritual. First, the Game Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 And previously, The Headmaster Ritual and…

  • GM Notes 2: The Headmaster Ritual

    I’ll take you through each episode of the Headmaster Ritual and explain a little about the process of running and playing this game.

  • GM Notes 1: The Headmaster Ritual

    This series is meant to be a companion to the podcasts we release. They will likely not all be as long as this post and will probably normally come out shortly after the last episode. However, I have a lot to say about The Headmaster Ritual and have decided to do a preemptive strike on our…