Appendix N – FATE: The Headmaster Ritual

In this series, we will list the material that inspired a particular game adventure. This Appendix N is all about The Headmaster Ritual, our game of FATE which is ALL ABOUT music, magic, and 1980’s England.

You Want to Be Free

Of course, it’s not like I exhaustively researched 1980’s England for this comic. As I discussed in a previous GM’s Notes, my primary inspiration was the Vertigo comics of my childhood.

The music is magic conceit was at least partially inspired by Phonogram, although in practice barely resembled the comic.

We started playing used The Dresden Files RPG, but switched to FATE Accelerated halfway through.


Music was a big influence on this series. Two albums in particular – the first Smiths album, and later on, Hounds of Love by Kate Bush.

Finally, most of my “research” on the setting that wasn’t arrived at whole cloth was derived from the Mozipedia.



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