Episode 012 – Vampire: The Requiem Episode 4


The final confrontation — could this be the end of our heroes?

In case you forgot what was happening, Grizznacht, Jean Luc and Nicky, played by myself (Matt), Andrew, and Gino were investigating the theft of a magical artifact that is coveted by both the vampire crime boss of the city, Sigismind, and the Prince of the city. The party is right now exploring an underground Nosferatu city.

This is the fourth and final episode of our Vampire the Requiem series. Previous episodes below:

I personally prefer the flavor of the Masquerade over the Requiem, and I think I’m going to push for that as the Vampire game system of choice going forward. I’d be interested to hear what everyone else’s opinion is on this: leave a comment if you’d like

Music for this episode:

Let’s here it for Gino’s character art and title card illustrations – they are really great.

I am still hard at work editing our long form Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign. Our next episode will start our Stars Without Number series. I’ll talk more about that system on the intro to next weeks episode.

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Andrew and I have another podcast, a monthly show called the GoldenAgeHorror.com podcast, which is an exciting look at horror movies from before 1979. This last month we reviewed the awesome Japanese horror movie House, as part of our series on foreign horror films. Tonight we are actually recording an episode about the Herzog film Nosferatu the Vampyre, which ties in nicely with this series of podcast episodes.

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