Episode 011 – Vampire: The Requiem Episode 3


The pavement is pounded. What emerges may be more dead rats than anyone could handle.

I’d just like to say that if anyone was waiting for this episode, I know that it is 6 months late. We’ve had a variety of personal problems, but I am happy to say that I think I will be able to be much closer to on track with our podcast.

In case you forgot what was happening, Grizznacht, Jean Luc and Nicky, played by myself (Matt), Andrew, and Gino were investigating the theft of a magical artifact that is coveted by both the vampire crime boss of the city, Sigismind, and the Prince of the city. In our very last episode, we found Sigismind pinned with a stake, betrayed by his closest associate.

I have no idea if I am spelling Sigismind the way Chris intended…

This will be the third of five episodes of Vampire the Requiem. Tune in next week or thereabouts for more information on what will be next for us! I am also hard at work putting together the first few episodes of our Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign.

Cast of Characters

Chris Baillie – Game Master

Matt Bevilacqua – Count Grizz Nacht (Clan: Nosferatu)

Andrew Baillie – Jean Luc Layfette (Clan: Daeva)

Gino Vasconcelos – Nicky Friday (Clan: Gangrel)